Thursday, December 3, 2009

Same name, different house

After futzing around over at WordPress for a work project, I decided to move this blog over to that platform. The reason is mainly that I like the way it displays pictures better. I'm still working on functionality (like links), and because I imported this blog exactly as is, it doesn't look the way I want it to yet. It will get there. The question is whether I will be fastidious enough to reload all the pictures, I'm guessing I will.

It is here: f/11. Hold it Steady.

Day Sixty Three. White Mkt.

White Mkt.

I'm not thrilled with the framing on this one. I think it would look better if I had the bottom of the wall, and if I were standing further back and more to the left I could get at least some of the next door building. I'll probably try it again over Winter break when there are fewer people in town.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day Sixty Two. Destruction Site.

Destruction Site

Day Sixty One. Polaroids.


I'm trying to find an artist way to use the Polaroid. These pictures are not what I'm looking for. I was trying to get the flash to bounce off the window in the background. At $2.50 each, these are expensive experiments.

Day Sixty. Trouble.


Day Fifty Nine. Fire!


Len was burning leaves. It got...dramatic.

Day Fifty Eight. Queen Anne's Lace.

Queen Anne's Lace